This New Makeup Primer Contains Vagisil—Why That’s Not as Weird as You’d Think

Huda Kattan—otherwise known as @hudabeauty on Instagram, where she has a cool 24.6 million followers—just launched a primer, and it contains a surprising secret ingredient: Vagisil. Okay, okay, there's not actually Vagisil in the primer, but it does tap a silicone polymer called dimethicone that's also found in the female anti-itch cream.

When the makeup artist was thinking about adding a primer to her product offerings, Kattan found inspiration in a video she filmed in 2016, in which she tried unconventional products as primers (KY lube, Milk of Magnesia, and Vagisil all made appearances). In the video, she spoke about how weird it was to put these formulas on her face considering what they were officially for, but pointed out that "dimethicone is really great for oil control."

To buy: $35;

Right off the bat, Kattan was a fan of the way Vagisil made her skin feel. "This actually feels really good going on," she remarked while rubbing the cream on one side of her face. "It feels really creamy and really soothing. I actually like this cream."

It makes sense that Vagisil would have this effect on skin considering the product's intended use. "Dimethicone is a skin protectant and acts as a water repellant by forming a barrier on the skin," explains Debra Jaliman, MD, a dermatologist based in New York City. And, as she points out, it also "spreads easily on skin and leaves a silky, smooth base for makeup." 

After a few hours, Katten noted that the Vagisil side of her face felt "the most hydrated" compared to the KY lube section, which was pilling, and the area where she applied Milk of Magnesia, which was dry. The outcome: Her makeup set properly on top of the dimethicone-based cream and successfully controlled oil. She said she would "totally use it again, I just think it could get kind of awkward carrying it around."

Lucky for us, Katten has done away with any possible awkwardness with the sleek, black bottle that is the new Huda Beauty Complexion Perfection Pre-Makeup Base ($35; While some silicone-based primers have slip that's almost uncomfortable, this one also has rosehip oil and shea butter to nourish and hydrate skin, and feels more like a luxe cream than a primer. Upon first application on the back of my hand, I was super impressed—it really did feel like a luxe, hydrating moisturizer. Then, when used as a makeup base, I noticed a smoother canvas to work with and that my makeup lasted better throughout the day than it usually does.

One thing to note: If you have an aversion to scented products, this may not be the primer for you. I think it smells lovely, but can see how some may find it overpowering.

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