Newsflash: This Swimsuit Photo isn't Meant to Be a Body Positivity Message Just Because She’s ‘Fat’

Instagram influencer @thevagaggle is tired of having her posts misinterpreted. That's what she wrote in the caption of a recent photo she shared, which shows her looking relaxed and confident in a yellow bathing suit outdoors. 

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“It’s often assumed that I’m a body positivity account. I suppose it’s because I’m fat,” she explained. “My body exists slightly out of the lines of the ideal beauty standards so I’m assumed to be brave and inspiring for simply donning a swimsuit and enjoying the sun."

"But let’s be honest, me doing that is more to do with narcissism than it is my bravery and body positivity," she continued.

@thevagaggle said that while she’s glad that larger body types like hers are getting more representation and beauty standards are embracing different shapes and sizes, she wants people to recognize that other kinds of bodies are still marginalized. 

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“When fat bodies started getting represented it was the white, small fat, able, young bodies that appeared first,” she added. “So yes, I get it, it’s great to see yourself represented but we’re now well on that path and why I want to know, and you should too, is when are we going to start seeing other marginalised bodies represented.”

Her post, which most of her followers might have assumed was simply about feeling confident in her own skin, actually takes on a more serious issue, one she hopes her 33K followers will keep fighting for.

“It’s almost like we small fat white women have achieved our own representation and our own body confidence and the fight has stopped,” she added. “P.s. this post isn’t about what I’m wearing, I’ve deliberately not tagged my swimsuit.”

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