Mila Kunis's Haircut Is the Lob of the Future

With all this talk about blunt bobs, it's sort of felt like lobs (you know, long bobs) have been left in the beauty trend dust. But leave it to Mila Kunis and her refreshing, modern take on the ultra-flattering haircut to bring all that lob love back.

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From what we can tell, he added subtle, airy layers into her hair, creating a volume-boosting effect. It also appears that they were cut on a slight angle, keeping up with her usual preference for asymmetrical haircuts.

Her hair was also parted in the center, which was a huge trend we saw on the 2019 Oscars Red Carpet. The subtle shift not only frames her face in a new way, but draws attention to her eyes and full brows.

Thanks to Kunis, the blunt bob might have some competition for the title as the year's most popular cut.

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