Jenna Jameson Shares the One Trick That Helped Her Stay Keto During the Holidays

Jenna Jameson knows that the holidays can be hard for dieters, so she’s offering a few tips on how to maintain a ketogenic diet during the festivities.

The former adult film star — who has lost 80 lbs. by following the popular low-carb, high-fat, moderate-protein diet — shared her advice on Instagram along with side-by-side photos of her body transformation.

“The holidays are such a tricky time when it comes to staying on track,” she started. “With family visiting and having no clue what #keto is and all too willing to try to talk you into mashed potatoes and grandmas cheesecake, it’s SO easy to fall off the #ketodiet.”

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“I suggest meal prepping!” Jameson continued. “It’s not exciting, but trust in fact, you will be so elated when you power through the holidays staying in #ketosis.”

Still, Jameson said satiating a sweet tooth can be healthy in the long run.

“But let me say this… sometimes allowing yourself to indulge is important,” she explained. “When you feel constantly deprived… it can lead to major week long derailments! So have fun, allow a treat here or there but most of all treasure the time spent with your loved ones!”

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“Merry Christmas my loves,” Jameson concluded.

Jameson, who welcomed daughter Batel Lu in April 2017, has been open about her keto journey. In December, she observed that her face was less puffy and that her skin was clearer thanks to the diet. Later in the month, she got candid about the issues that weight loss cannot address.

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“Weight loss doesn’t fix everything. Let’s talk,” she wrote. “Being thin wont change sadness. It won’t fix relationships. It doesn’t quiet the demons. It doesn’t make you love yourself more. It doesn’t calm anxiety. It doesn’t take away the nightmares. It doesn’t make you feel social. It doesn’t make you of service to others.”

“It is a step towards all of these things,” Jameson said. “I guess my point is don’t be afraid to take that first step. I love you.”

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