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Create A Baking Plan

I think you have a good grip on the bake virus. There are even a few enthusiasts who sometimes make a good amount of baking at once. For a birthday or a nice High Tea for example. Sometimes I also hear someone who has accepted a major assignment. In short: enough reasons to make a lot of baking in a short time. What is very important in such a case is making a baking plan, and as I see the questions that is something that many people find difficult. For my baking days I always make a schedule myself so that I do not suffer from time problems. The next thing that matters is that you keep to that planning. Now I am not always good at that myself, but that is more to myself than to that planning. Unless there is a tight deadline, then I am often even faster than my schedule. Because I often get questions about how you should actually tackle it if you want to bake a lot, it seemed useful to tell you how I make my baking plan. This way you ensure that everything is finished on time. Baked Comfort Food will be giving a brief explanation about Baked Foods.

What Are You Going To Make And How Much Time Does That Cost?

Next that you determine is how much time you need per part. Read all recipes carefully and make an estimate of the time required. You can better estimate this than too tight. Write down for each (part of the) recipe how much time is needed for the following parts:

• Oven time (and which temperature) or how long it must stiffen in the refrigerator, time in freezer.
• Possible filling / decorating / etc of the baking, take into account the cooling
• For me it is not possible to estimate how long someone is working on a prescription. That is why there is never a cooking time with my recipes. I myself have a cake with about 10 minutes in the oven, but it can be very good that it takes you 20 minutes. Do not be blind to the cooking time with recipes. The more often you bake, the faster it goes.

How Much Time Do You Have
You have determined how much time everything costs, also check how much time you have. Does everything have to be made in one day, or maybe you have two or three. Also see if you can do things in the evening. I myself regularly prepare in the evening for a baking day.

Can You Prepare Or Store Baking?

Well, now that you have an overview of everything you want to make and how much time is needed, it’s time to see what you can prepare. The most useful for this is to put in your list how long each baking / part can be stored. There is no point in starting with the things that you can keep for the least time.

I mentioned it just now; an evening before you can already prepare well. For example, I recently made rondos for which I had already made the dough in the evening. In the morning I got that first out of the fridge so that it could come to temperature. In the meantime, I was able to work on some other baked goods


Do you really have little time for lots of baking to serve it all fresh? Remember that you can also freeze fine baking and parts. You can also make a biscuit 1-2 weeks earlier and freeze it until you need it. If you do this, please also consider defrosting. It varies per baking for how long this takes, but take into account a few hours. Then you’re certainly right.

Make A Plan

Now that you know what you want to make, how much time it takes and how much time you have, it is time to make the planning. When planning, it is important that you have as little ‘waiting time as possible’. That’s what I call the time when the oven is full and I have a queue of baking that still has to go into the oven and you cannot do anything. Or that you have to wait until a dough has been raised and you have no other baking to continue with. I will give you some tips for making this planning, the things that I always take into account.

Consider the oven time and temperature of baking. A cheesecake that has to cool down in an oven is the last to be made. Try to start or finish with meringues that you bake (long) at a low temperature. But also know that you can start a new baking again while one is in the oven. Everything to prevent that waiting time as much as possible.


I hope it does not sound too confusing because quite a lot of things can be done together. My planning therefore usually consists of parts. I think that is a pleasant way of working and that is how I am most productive. A plan with me recently looked something like this:

• Dough rondos from refrigerator
• Make dough flan + rise
• Leaking canned fruit
• Make rounds
• Finish pie
• Bake cheesecake
• Make panna cotta
• Make ice creams

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